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Opportunities Abound for Enrichment and Discovery

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How to take advantage of the many activities available without breaking your budget

Popular media has sometimes painted an overly grim portrait of the aging process. The truth is that the days where one ceases having fun and starts idly watching their life go by has become a relic of the past. As an increasing number of diversely talented individuals near retirement age the need has arisen for a wider assortment of entertainment options. While most retirement communities do an excellent job of providing a variety of programs for their residents, there are still countless options available for those who are willing to seek them out. One of the best aspects of the many activities available is that you don't have to break your budget to enjoy them.

A popular place to begin your search for entertainment is no further than your local community center sponsored by the local Parks and Recreation department. Centers typically offer adult education classes whose focus is on helping enrich, inform, and improve the skill sets of the students. Some classes are geared specifically for seniors, just be sure to check the course descriptions. For a reasonable fee you can learn to use a computer in ways you never knew possible, study a new language, or pick up a brand new hobby. The old saying that you are never too old to learn something new couldn't be closer to the truth. In addition to enrichment, chances are great that these classes will help you make new friends.

Another venue to keep in mind is your local senior center. Regular socials will offer you the ability to make friends and spend time with those who share similar interests. Senior centers often seek out volunteers to help plan and organize upcoming events, develop a regular newsletter, as well as answer phones. To that end, volunteering is a wonderful way to help others by giving of yourself. Volunteering also can provide you a chance to share your unique knowledge with others and enjoy making productive use of your time. Many organizations of all types are constantly on the look out for those who want to volunteer their time. To get started all you have to is inquire. If staying at home is more your style, there are a number of online classes available for those interested. AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) offers many online enrichment classes in a wide variety of areas. If interested call your local chapter or visit them online at www.aarp.org. If you are more interested in traditional educational offerings be sure to check out online universities such as the University of Phoenix that allow you take classes around your schedule.

For those that are interested in arts and crafts, many arts and crafts stores sponsor free and low cost classes for those who are interested in learning more. Not only can you design and produce your own gifts you might also discover a hidden talent in the process. Its possible that you might find that you can make extra money by selling your creations. No matter what you like to do, chances are there is someone else who shares the same interest. Check your local newspaper for a listing of clubs and organizations in your area. Most clubs are always looking for new members and would likely enjoy your company and unique perspective. If you enjoy music or the performing arts look into events performed at local high schools or universities. The bottom line is there are endless opportunities for affordable entertainment if your willing to look around to see whats out there. Never be afraid to try something new because you might just develop interests you never knew you had.


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