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Privacy Shield Available to All Visitors

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Protecting Your Privacy is going High Tech

Privacy Shield is now available for all members of Retirenet.com, CommunitiesNet.Com and RetirenetCare.com. What this means is that if you are a member and logged in, your email address is encrypted with a special code that hides your “real” email address. You can now request information from Communities and Listings with the security of knowing that your privacy is protected. What’s more, if you decide you no longer wish to be contacted from a particular listing, you can “Block” them from contacting you. It’s easy and reliable. Privacy Shield will even keep track of communities that you’ve blocked. What if I want my email address given to a community? That’s easy. Once you’ve decided you want further correspondence, you can give the Community your authentic email address at any time just by sending them an email or responding to their correspondence to you. As a matter of fact, that’s the goal, to get dialogue between yourself and the community. But only the communities YOU choose. Captcha - Captcha is a spam proof technique to prevent spambots from filling out forms. We've all seen this, its a when you have to copy a squiggly word into a box to hit send. Its the best way to make sure a "person" is completing a form rather than a spambot. If you are a member, Privacy Shield removes the Captcha so its one less step you have to take. This makes completing forms that much faster and easier.


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